Into The Storm – Visual Effects


They say it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Well, Warner Brothers are hoping that Into The Storm – their summer spectacular that’s just brimming with bad weather – blows audiences away. Directed by Steven Quale (director of Final Destination 5, and second unit director on Avatar), the film chronicles the battering taken by the fictional American town of Silverton as it’s overwhelmed by wave after wave of devastating tornadoes.

Townsfolk and stormchasers alike are pushed to the limit as they try to survive this torrent of twisters. As for the cyclones themselves, they appear on screen courtesy of a number of visual effects vendors, including Cinesite, Digital Domain, Hydraulx, Method Studios, MPC, and Scanline VFX.

Join me as we head into the storm with VFX supervisors Nordin Rahhali (Method), Simon Stanley-Clamp (Cinesite) and Erik Liles (Hydraulx) – together with Hydraulx VFX producer Eric Kohler – as they share some of their extreme weather experiences.

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Academy Finally Announces Honorary Oscars

The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have finally announced the results of their vote Tuesday night (August 26) for the annual honorary Governors Awards. These awards are much sought after and many industry insiders lobby the governors for their favorites. This batch of award-winners is notable for its global diversity: a French writer, a Japanese animator, an African-American activist and an Irish actress.

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