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NUKE 9 Live Event Recording

NUKE 9, including the eagerly anticipated NUKE STUDIO and major updates to NUKE and NUKEX, is the result of two years and countless man hours of development reworking NUKE from its very core to build a faster, more powerful, broader range of unique tools to help you get the job done. For more information about NUKE, visit: thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/

Flare Factory Plus


FlareFactoryPlus is a tool I wrote that fills a big gap in Nuke…preset Lens flares. Typically in Nuke when you need a lens flare for a shot, you have to just spend the time to make one by hand. But sometimes that’s a tall order when a deadline is looming! That’s where FlareFactoryPlus comes in. Load it up, then all you have to do is select your preset flare and you’re 90% there. You can then customize the flare with a series of controls such as the opacity, size, position, color, brightness, and even chroma shift.

A built in automatic tracker is included as well for integration. Just hit ‘Go’, and watch MaxTrack track the brightest pixel in your scene.

Download FlareFactoryPlus and check out the 16 presets I’ve used for a number of studio projects over the past 2 years!

Studio tested, mother approved.




The current version of NFXPlugins 1.0v1 contains 25 separate nodes for The Foundry's Nuke compositing application.

  • N_Add – image filter
  • N_Align – transformation
  • N_Clamp – image filter
  • N_Colorize – image filter
  • N_Compress – image filter
  • N_DuoTone – image filter
  • N_Expand – image filter
  • N_ExtractHSLV – image filter
  • N_Fade – image filter
  • N_FadeRGB – image filter
  • N_MaxRGB – image filter
  • N_MonoChrome – image filter
  • N_Mult – image filter
  • N_PixDissolve – image filter
  • N_PSColor – layer merge
  • N_Rand – image filter
  • N_Ruler – ui handle
  • N_Scatter – image filter
  • N_Text – draw
  • N_Thermal – image filter
  • N_ToneMap – image filter